Heat Pumps


They did not want to install coal boilers anymore neither they wanted to think of electric heat pumps.
They were looking for a supplier, on the market, who could offer high energetic efficiency, ecologically compatible, very reliable, long lasting and easy to support machines. They also discovered that the most efficient heat pumps were those using ammonia as refrigerant.
But they needed to find who were able to design these complex systems, to install them taking care also of start up on the site.
We offered and supplied all that, together with a remote control and maintenance system. We gave them recumatik®.

  • Geothermal:
    Heat pumps are born to use the subsoil heat as a source of constant temperature inexhaustible energy.
  • Combined working:
    The chiller works as a boiler and a chiller at the same time. According to external temperature conditions and to the customer priorities, the control system adjusts the heat and cool production.
  • Footprint size:
    Heat pumps are usually installed in the basements. We designed a compact chiller that can be easily sectioned and transported, even in elevators and through small size doors.