Fill and Seal

The machine program for filling and sealing provides many versions for very different bag types. Depending on the capacity requirements, semi-automatic or fully-automatic bag feed systems can be used. The sealing of the bags takes place through welding, welding on of a cap or the insertion of a plug; in the case of PVC tubes, also through the adhesion of PVC plugs. CIP/SIP systems ensure uncomplicated and fast cleaning and sterilisation.

Individual equipment such as bag evacuation and the possibility for gassing and inspection of the headspace volume and the residual oxygen content are available, and facilitate the customer-specific dimensioning of the machines. Such extensions are also realisable at a later time.

  • Capacity*: Up to 10,000 bags/h
  • Container: Single or multi-chamber bags
  • Material: Very different materials e.g. PP, PE, PVC, EVA, etc.
  • Formats: 50 ml – 5,000 ml
  • Versions: SFC, port and tube connections as well as customer-specific connections
  • Machine process: Modular, linear or rotative

* Depending on the machine model and the specific customer requirements


  • CIP/SIP (125°C) sterilisable filling system (mass flow | turbine | magnetic-inductive | peristaltic pumps)
  • Bag evacuation, nitrogen gassing, residual oxygen and headroom volume inspections
  • Printing procedure: Hot stamping, thermal transfer, UV-Flexo, inkjet, laser
  • Multicolour print
  • Camera inspections (print image, barcode/data matrix, connection system…)
  • IQ/OQ documentation
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