The DIR Eye is the first 100% in-line inspection system for heat sealed packages that is non-intrusive and does not result in production slowdown.

A quantum leap from sampling to monitoring every single package – the system’s real time analysis provides insight in to the quality of the sealing process, enabling operators to detect and immediately amend issues should

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  • Ultimate quality assurance of heat sealed packages – 100% inspection
  • Unprecedented process control – Discover and fix potential problems in real time
  • Fast – No slow-down of the packaging line
  • Non-interfering, non-degrading inspection – “hands off” inspection
  • Designed for simplicity – the DIR Eye is small and integrates seamlessly with the existing packaging process
  • Easy GUI, simple user interface
  • Reduce customer complaints
  • ROI – Cuts costs inherent in sampling methods, minimizes waste (time, work-backs, materials and labor)
  • Reports enable statistical process control of the sealing process over time
  • Brand integrity – Assurance that brand standards are upheld on the packaging line