Conveyor Toaster


Hatco’s Intelligent Toast-Qwik® toasters are fast, reliable and extremely versatile. Individually-controlled top and bottom heating elements, a multi-speed two-directional conveyor belt, and optical product sensors provide the ability to produce a variety of menu items.

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  • Hatco’s Spot-On® Technology senses when product is placed on the conveyor and activates the unit
  • Hatco’s ColorGuard Sensing System monitors and adjusts conveyor speed and temperature during high usage periods to ensure toast color uniformity
  • ower Save mode activates automatically after a specific period of time, or by pressing the Power Save on the touchpad
  • Programmable touchpad control with display
  • The ability to hold up to twenty product settings
  • USB port located on front of the unit allows for easy transfer of program changes and product usage information
  • Removable crumb tray, toast chute, 1″ (25 mm) adjustable legs and 6′ (1829 mm) cord and plug


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Model Dimensions

(Width x Depth x Height)

Opening Dimensions

(Width x Height)

Volts Watts Amps Capacity/


Plug Ship Weight*
ITQ-1000-1C 17.62″ x 28.62″ x 18″

(448 x 727 x 457 mm)

 9.44 x 2″ (240 x 51 mm)  208-240⌾  3230-4300 1  15.5-17.9  17  NEMA 6-30P


 89 lbs. (41 kg)