Combined Labeling


With this flexible carousel machine concept of GENREP SOLUTA with optimised operating and safety design, we can combine different types of labels – from cut&stack labels from the magazine to self-adhesive labelling or OPP labels from the reel – with up to 9 units. Efficient and economical, all common types of containers as well as moulded containers made from glass, PET, plastic, and metal can be labelled even in very confined spaces.


  • Space-saving, compact carousel design with integrated switchboard
  • Optimized accessibility for one-man operation
  • Pre-programmed labelling configurations
  • Dispenser units can be either attached or flexibly connectable
  • Dispenser units can be run individually and in combination
  • Automatic reel swap for continuous operation
  • Container rotary table with servo control
  • Maximum machine availability due to reliable PLC control, proved thousands of times
  • Economical and flexible changeover with the GERNEP modular construction system