Cofrimell Mega


Available in the version with electromagnetic pump mixing system and with stirring paddles mixing system.

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  • Bowl and Cover: clear, food-grade, unbreakable polycarbonate bowl, which easily pulls off for cleaning operation. Coming with litre stickers for exact beverage preparation.
  • Mixing system “M” Models: paddle system stirring by delrin paddles, avoiding froth and beverages oxidation.
  • “S” Models: electromagnetic pump, manufactured with food-grade materials.
  • Drink Cooling: specially engineered by Cofrimell, in stainless steel, performing faster cooling than normal.
  • Temperature Control: adjustable thermostatic system.
  • Chassis and Panels: all stainless steel and ABS.


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Mega 125M 1×25 Lt 40x41x62 cm 26 Kg
Mega 250M 2×25 Lt 80x41x62 cm 48 Kg
Mega 140M 1×40 Lt 40x41x69 cm 30 Kg
Mega 280M 2×40 Lt 80x41x69 cm 57 Kg
Mega 125S 1×25 Lt 40x41x62 cm 28 Kg
Mega 250S 2×25 Lt 80x41x62 cm 52 Kg
Mega 140S 1×40 Lt 40x41x69 cm 32 Kg
Mega 280S 2×40 Lt 80x41x69 cm 61 Kg

Range: Mega ‘S’