CIP Skid

MOC: All contact parts in SS 316 & non-contact parts in S.S.304

Clean in Place is useful for cleaning of various pharmaceutical process equipment, which cannot be shifted to washing area for cleaning purpose. e.g. Liquid Manufacturing Tanks, Octagonal Blender, RMG, FBD, Tablet Coating Process Equipment, Ointment Mfg. Tank etc.

  • The system will be supplied with three SS 316 tanks with 100 Ltr Capacity each out of which one take with jacket.
  • The jacketed tank will of SS 304 with immersed electrical heaters for heating of water.
  • The cleaning is done with high pressure (6-8 bar) water jets using multi stage centrifugal pump Grundfos make.
  • The system is provided with tri clover fitting to ease the operation of dismantling and assembling for cleaning of CIP PIPING.
  • High jet water spray gun moulded with rubber for safety of operator. The modified design of spray gun enables operator to vary the pressure of the water as per requirement.
  • 5 Mtr silicon braided SS hose pipe is provided.
  • No Water- Pump Stop Mechanism.
  • Calibration of tanks with a calibrated dip stick.
  • Ball Valve for each tank.
  • In-built S.S.Stand for winding of Hose.
  • Pressure Switch to ensure that the pump operates at a desired pressure only.

    • Temperature Indication & Controlling

  • CIP Tanks are mounted on S.S. structure with PU coated Castor wheels for easy movement.
  • Electrical panel is mounted on the skid for easy operation.