Cartoning MonoBloc


Cartoning station of new generation, with integrated erecting, packing and sealing sections for RSC cartons. Compact footprint designed to work with different types of products.


  • Compact footprint
    • Output and efficiency are guaranteed by the rational integration of the different working sections.
  • Highly reliable
    • The high reliability of the monoblock is guaranteed by a simple movement system optimised with the employment of reliable components and Brushless motors for the main movements.
  • Carton opening
    • The carton forming is realised during the carton outfeed from the magazine and shaped guides are used.The carton erection is carried out by a mobile arm equipped with suction cups. This system allows a quick and safe opening also of very difficult cartons.
  • Only one control panel
    • All machine functions are controlled from only one position so as to allow an immediate and global management of the machine.
  • Quick format changeover
    • The format changeoveris very easy and quick to carry out thanks to a limited number of adjustment operations with hand-wheels, handles and knobs within operators’ easy reach without the need of working tools.
  • Reduced maintenance
    • The monoblock has been designed with only one electro-pneumatic plan and a very easy movement system fully integrated and optimised.



  • Combi 8 : 400 carton/hour
  • Combi 15 : 750 carton/hour
  • Combi 20 : 1200 carton/hour
  • Combi box : 500 carton/hour