Can filling and checkweighing


Machine for filling and weighing cans

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  • Machine for filling and weighing cans
  • Max. can Ø 153 mm, compatible with different can Ø and heights
  • Can height easy adjustable via HMI (Touchscreen)
  • Stainless steel, low-maintenance construction
  • Indexing turret gear with Hybrid drive (max. 75 Nm) and und positioning accuracy ± 65“


  • Dosing with highly precise servo drive with control to automatically process the data of the subsequent check weigher with feedback control
  • Hopper with integrated level sensor
  • Feeding of filling powder via horizontal auger with level control
  • All parts in immediate contact with the filling powder are in stainless steel, gaskets are FDA certified
  • Automatic FI optimized asynchron motors for horizontal auger and agitator


  • Integrated Check-weigher with feedback control and reject system
  • Autonomous, 10.4‘ Touchscreen with VGA resolution on main machine
  • Feedback control for 1 filling head
  • Control according prepackaging regulation (FPV) – fully automatic
  • Calibration capability


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  • Container: Tin or composite cans
  • Lid: Tin, composite
  • Bottom: Tin, composite, Aluminum
  • Can-inner-Ø: 73 mm – 153 mm
  • Can height: All
  • CPM: 35    Power requirement: 8 kW[/accordion_item][/accordion]