Cabinet Type


  • The Heater banks are mounted on top with Blower unit to give effective drying
  • Total PLC controlled panel to ease of operation
  • Ceramic infrared Ray heaters are provided to avoid shredding of materials and to give effective drying
  • Removable SS racks are provided for ease of cleaning and also big equipment’s can be placed for drying.
  • Heat Insulated cabinet from all side to secure the safety of operator.
  • Brushless blower motor avoids carbon shredding and less maintenance.
  • Machine change parts, scoops, spatulas, IPC’s and SS equipment’s can be dried quickly.
  • Heater Bank – 1000 mm
  • HMI 3.8” ( Delta make)
  • Filter bank with 0.3 micron filter for inlet air to ensure quality forced Air.
  • Water Collection tray will be provided to collect water at the time of drying.
  • Interlocking of the doors two both side.