Air Condensed Chillers


Some years ago, Carrefour opened a new structure near Paris.
It was a big supermarket with at least 40 cash registers. They decided to use, for this new store, the best cold technologies for food preservation.
After an accurate research on the industrial refrigeration market all over Europe, they chose Zudek.
Why? Because we use ammonia and we are ecologically compatible with their needs. Because our machines use little electric power and are highly performing.
Because our machines maintenance is easy and remote-manageable. But, primarily, because we built a “customised” solution for their specific needs.

  • Micro channels condensers:
    The best technology with aluminium micro channels today available, to ensure the highest thermal exchange and the lowest ammonia charge.Every condenser is individually selectable.
  • 1600 mm diameter fans:
    The large fans diameter ensures a very low consumption for ventilation and a high noise reduction
  • Low Sound Emission:
    Axial fans with aerofoil blades ensure a net cut in sound emissions