Ammonia absorption cycle in water was invented in the mid of 19th century, the actual industrial revolution in refrigeration. Zudek is studying ammonia absorbers for years. When we entered the market, we found there were just kinds of ammonia machines: the very big ones in big factories and the very small ones for camper refrigerators. To study this issue in detail, we put together a team made by our engineers and we built a prototype that could exploit the chimney flue heat.
Illycaffè roasting can generate heat up to 400 degrees.
Once, this heat used to be dispersed in the air.
We built a system that was able to catch this warm energy and transform it into 95 degrees’ water. This water feeds our ammonia absorber.
The project worked very well, heat at 95 degrees feeds the absorber, that generates cold power at less than 5/6 degrees.

  • Cold without electric energy:
    They use heat sources of every kind to generate chilling power.They use waste industrial gases, warm process fluids, waste gases from co-generators (turbines, engines)
  • Built to last:
    Heat exchangers and rectification columns of the last technology, built with very high level materials. Designed to last even in extreme conditions for many decades.
  • Low maintenance:
    Being an ‘oil-free’ system with a single pump, maintenances are reduced, furtherly decreasing the installation maintenance costs.
  • Power saving:
    Used together with a co-generator, it ensures a very high global efficiency, usually more than 80%, in some circumstances up to 90%