Series TW Crate Washer

Series TW Crate Washer



Feature : The high end crate washer with three cleaning levels for any performance range.

RANGE: From 2,000 to 10,000 crates/h (other capacities on request)


  • Machine built of stainless steel in a hygienic design
  • Frequency controlled drive and fluid components Self-cleaning, largely maintenance-free filter systems
  • Self-cleaning immersion base
  • CIP (Clean in Place) automatic machine cleaning
  • Turbulent soaking bath with automatic filtration
  • All-round intensive spraying with individually adjustable clip nozzles
  • Easy access on both sides for cleaning and maintenance via large-sized doors with safety glass
  • LED interior lighting of machine
  • Gentle conveyance of containers via stainless steel chains in hygienic BOHRER design
  • Thermally insulated machine housing to save as much energy as possible
  • Spacious, easy to access equipment compartments for pumps and sensors

  • Length of machine 4300 mm Approx
  • Width of machine 1000 mm ApproxTotal height of machine 1000 mm Approx
  • Weight 1600 kg Approx

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