Hydro-OpticTM Solutions RZ-163

Hydro-OpticTM Solutions RZ-163

Engineered for Guaranteed Bio-Security and Reduced Energy Use

New Waterproof Ballast Model Costs Less

    • Maximum flexibility – you decide where to place it
    • Easy access for maintenance


New Cable Connection Box

    • Plug & play style: easy to connect
    • Waterproofed for safety: IP56


Recycles UV Photons, Lower Energy Costs

    • Quartz treatment chamber engineered for longer UV light paths and optimal hydraulics
    • Patented Hydro-Optic engineering uses fiber-optic principles
    • All pathogens are exposed to a uniform UV dose – proven and validated!


Guaranteed Bio-Security: 2 Sensors per Lamp

    • One sensor tracks lamp intensity
    • One sensor tracks UVT (water clarity)


Medium Pressure UV: Better Protection, Fewer Lamps

    • Atlantium Medium Pressure high-intensity UV lamps more effective and cost-efficient
    • More UV power per centimeter
    • Disables DNA proteins involved in cell repair
    • Effective in cold & warm water too


Real-Time Monitoring

    • Automatically adjusts UV dose to changes in real-time conditions
    • Displays real-time data status, including the actual UV dose being delivered
    • Tracks dose and validation parameters
    • Continuous documentation for QA and regulators


Customized Control

    • User-friendly integration with plant controls
    • Option for remote monitoring
    • Customized user setting for alarm values
    • Touch-screen technology


Lamps Safer, Easier to Handle

  • Shorter lamps reduce risk of breakage
  • Quick & easy lamp replacement – four minutes
  • Thick quartz tubes, 5x thicker than conventional quartz sleeves, separates the lamp from the water
  • No possibility of broken glass and mercury in water


Available also in stainless steel
Basic version available with 2-color monitor

The RZ163 series is a modular configuration which enables maximum flexibility and precision based on client needs. Systems are sized to give the dose and performance required



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