Autoclaves and Setrilizers – Ace Technologies

Fedegari guarantees the highest performances thanks to its experience and daily work with customers: engineering solutions, developing software and components. FEDEGARI Autoclaves offers the most flexible solution for multi-purpose sterilization in bio-pharma industries. From solids and porous to liquids in open or non-hermetically sealed containers.

All Fedegari machines are equipped withThema4 process controller and are pre-validated according to GAMP5 and in compliance with CFR – part 21, thus resulting in shortest qualification time and minimizing project risks.

Fedegari also offers hybrid solution suitable for washing, decontaminating, sterilizing and drying various types of loads as no traditional machine can ever do. These multipurpose machines, totally managed by Thema4 process controller, represent the most cost-effective solution in terms of CAPEX as well as operating costs while combining the high-performance of a steam sterilizer into a jet washer.