We have an efficient team of engineers who can provide complete solution for any size of kitchen project from planning to execution anywhere in India.

After gaining experience and completing the learning curve, it was time to branch out on our own. We are still preferred vendors to many Brands but also are in our own right, manufacturers and wholesale suppliers for the complete range of Commercial Kitchen Equipment’s in Hotel Chains, Fine Dine Restaurant, Fast Food Joint, Food court, Bar, Catering Services, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Canteens, Central Kitchens, Flight Kitchens etc.

We also undertake complete projects and offer solutions for Kitchens of any size from planning to execution. Our technical team is experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic to take up any challenge anywhere in India. Complete kitchen solutions offered are not only efficient but also cost effective. Our expertise and timely service saves precious time and money. Our commitment to quality and service has been the most important reason for our success and we endeavor to continue this for a long time to come.


The most important part of a restaurant, hotel or any food facility will be the dining area but the heart of any commercial food service facility is the Kitchen. Which is very much depended on the technical skill and planning that has gone into creating these vital areas.

  • A good and productive kitchen is needed. Using our unique methodology we will enable you to have an optimum layout for your kitchen.
  • Special attention is made on space allocation, workflow and capacity planning.
  • Analyzing Operator-friendly working conditions and Designing a perfect Kitchen Layout accordingly.
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications of Equipment.

Service coordination

  • Equipment layout
  • Wall dimensions layout
  • Water proofing area layout
  • Hot Water layout
  • RO Water layout
  • RAW Water layout
  • Drainage layout
  • Gas layout
  • Exhaust & Fresh Air ducting layout
  • Fire Suppression System


TOPS:- All working Tops should be of 16 SWG thick 304 Grade Salem S. S. Sheet.  Tops should be applied with sound deadener rubberized paint from bottom to minimize the Sound, while working.

OVERHEAD SHELVES:- All OHS should be made of 18 SWG S. S. Sheet with S. S. Channel Support welded from Bottom.

UNDER FRAMES:- M. S. Structural frame provided below Tops, under shelves and in the counters for sturdiness, and angles should be duly coated with rust proof red oxide and enamel paint.

LEGS:- All verticals should be normally of 1½”, 16 SWG S. S. Pipe with adjustable Nylon Bullet feet for proper leveling.

UPRIGHTS:- Uprights for overhead shelves should be of 1”, 16 SWG S. S. Pipe with S. S. Bolts for fixing on Top.

CROSS BRACINGS:- Support between the Legs (in case if No. U/S) at 6” height from floor should be of 1”, 16 SWG S.S. Pipe with Argon Arch Welding Joints, having one-piece finish.

SINKS:- All Sinks will be fabricated from 16 SWG thick S. S. Sheet, with radius corners and uniform finish.  Sinks should be fitted with 1½” BSP Drain Coupling. Overflow outlet to be provided in each Sink.

S.S.SHELF / STORAGE / MASALA RACKS: – All Shelves will be of 18 SWG S. S. Sheet, having S.S. Channel Supports welded from Bottom of each shelf.  All shelves welded to 1½”, 16 SWG S.S. Pipes at four corners.

S.S.POT RACK:- Made of 1½” Dia. S.S. Pipes for verticals and ¾” Dia S.S. Pipes for shelves.

BAIN MARIE:- Water chamber for Bain Marie is to be made of 18 SWG S.S. Sheet, with Sunk in Box for Water Heater and ½” BSP Drain Valve for draining the water and cleaning the tank.

HOT CASE / PLATE WARMER:- Inner Walls of Hot Case & Plate Warmer will be of 16 SWG Aluminum Sheet. Under shelves will be of perforated Alu. Sheet.

OUTER PANELS:- Side and Back Panels/ Enclosures for Bain Marie, Hot Case or Normal Counters will be of 19 SWG  S.S. Sheet.

SLIDING DOORS:-All Sliding doors will be made of 18 SWG S.S. Sheet and will be doubling walled and insulated for Hot Cases and Plate Warmers.

FRONT CONTROL PANEL:- All control panels are made of 18 SWG S.S. Sheet and are recessed inside.

STORAGE CABINETS:- Wall Storage/ Floor Cabinets are of 18 SWG S.S. Sheet with Hinged door having individual locking facility.  M.S. Frame provided below the cabinet if required.

WALL SHELVES:- Wall Shelves will be made of 18 SWG S.S. Sheet with 14 SWG S.S. Wall Brackets.

ELECTRICALS:- All electric heaters used will be of ISI Standards and writing will be of heat resistant Fiber/ Teflon Coated. Thermostats, where required will be of EGO–German made, with indicator Lamps

GAS EQUIPMENT:- All gas equipment will be connected with heavy Copper Pig Tails, Needle Valves and Standard make Burners and Pilot Burners.

INSULATION:- Hot Case, Ovens and Bain Marie will be insulated with high Quality, Mineral glass Wool from all sides.

TROLLEYS:- To be provided with suitable castors of ‘Rexello’ make.


OUTER BODY Fabricated from 20 SWG 304 Grade Salem S. S. Sheet, with all even Grinded Surfaces and matt finish.

INNER BODY Fabricated from 22 SWG 304 Grade Salem S.S. Sheet, Inner Joints are argon arch welded and are leak proof for water coolers. Inner compartments have drainage outlets connected to bottom collection Tray for Static Cooling type Unit.

DOORS Fabricated from 18 SWG 304 Grade Salem, S.S. Sheet, double walled, PUF insulated. Handles are flushed in and have special built in Lock & Key for each door.  Doors are lined with Magnetic Sealing Gaskets. Doors are Spring Loaded-Shelf Closing.

SHELF Removable shelf provided in each Compartment, made of S.S. Rods. Numbers of Shelves are as per size of Compartment.

LEGS Legs of 5” Height & are of 1½” or 2” Dia, 16 SWG thick S.S. Pipe, Fitted with adjustable Nylon Bullet Feet for Proper Leveling.

FRAME Base frame and cooling Unit mounting frame are of S.S. Pipe.

INSULATION 65 mm thick PUF insulation from all the sides

COOLING COILS Duly Soldered Copper Tubing of size 3/8” x 20 SWG thick is of Merchant make.

COMPRESSOR is of Emerson/Tecumseh

FAN MOTOR Is of AUF (American Universal) make

TEMP. INDICATOR Digital Temperature Indicator Provided.